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BLARGH: September 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011


IT'S ABOUT A MONTH TILL SWEAR, the sequel to SWOON, arrives in hard cover glory and I’m starting to get seriously excited. One big reason is the whole lot of advance love coming this way. DARK FAERIE TALES ( and PARAJUNKEE’S VIEW (, for instance, are giving SWEAR anticipatory action, so indulge your desires and check them out. If you haven’t yet delved these blogs, know that they place the paranormal in ultra high regard, and their coverage is ingenious —events, contests, et cetera that are the products of some beautifully twisted minds! Sinclair Youngblood Powers is about to compete in the “Supernatural Smackdown” — and has been busy exercising (not to be confused with exorcising) his seduction skills in preparation.

What’s more, starting 9/19, the incredible NOVEL NOVICE kicks off a month-long “Countdown to SWEAR” event. Every day, the site that brings you the best of YA in a smart, stylish, unique way will offer tidbits of appetite-whetting SWEAR news, reviews, trivia and (of course) contests. An author interview is also in the works—and who better to ask the questions than SWOONIES themselves? If you reveled in SWOON, can’t wait for SWEAR and have been wondering what the #$^@*&(! is up with Sin, Dice, Pen, Ruby, et al post your questions here:

If not for readers like you, SWOON wouldn’t be where it is today—in it’s 10th printing and enticing SWOONIES in translation all over the planet. Your support means so much—and in effort to keep you amused and alarmed (as if the twists and turns of SWEAR won’t be enough), there are big changes coming to Design diva Denise Biondo is helping upgrade the site with new stuff. It’s all set to premier soon— and while I’ll save details for a later blargh, I will say that the most fantastic addition can be summed up in one name: Rony Corcos. Who’s she? Google her now or wait till I turn you on officially. Either way, your ears, heart and soul will thank you — I SWEAR!