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BLARGH: Soundtrack to SWOON

Friday, July 17, 2009

Soundtrack to SWOON

In a previous incarnation, it was my job to follow musicians around and listen to the records they made and opine about that in print. It was fun, a huge record collection ensued, and the swag was interesting (ask me sometime about the chastity belt I received via UPS). The experience also informed the novels 6X: The Uncensored Confessions and 6X: Loud, Fast, and Out of Control (see OTHER WRITING).

Music remains central to the quality of my life, but when I’m writing it’s anathema, a distraction. I write in a refrigerator box, where it’s quiet and smells like paper. Still, music intrudes, as scenes or characters strongly suggest or connect to certain songs. Hence the following Soundtrack to SWOON. Have a look. Have a listen. Create your own Sonic SWOON. Share your playlist with other SWOONIES. And share it with me—maybe you'll turn me on to something new (I haven’t discovered any new bands in a long time, unless I happen to know them personally). Share, also, because it’s a contest! Mm-hmm, comment back with your personal “SOUNDTRACK TO SWOON” by 15 August 2009 and you’re entered to win a signed eight-CD edition of SWOON, the audiobook (fun on interminably long road trips and/or to torture loved ones instead of the musical selections you otherwise use to torture them).

If you’d like to hear a five-minute sample of SWOON, read by the lovely and talented Caitlin Greer, go to You can also hear a smaller snippet and download the SWOON CDs directly to your iPod at

Enter with your SWOON playlist, and if you do, please remember to email it to me at so I’ll be able to contact you if you win. (I’m still trying to find the elusive Kailtyn, winner of the “My First SWOON” contest…Kailtyn, if you’re out there, be in touch, okay?)

But enough of my yakkin'—let's boogie (bonus points to anyone who correctly identifies the preceding reference).

“Summertime Blues” — Who
The Eddie Cochran/Jerry Capehart classic. I’m partial to the Who’s version off Live at Leeds for the opening scene of SWOON.

“Goin’ Nowhere” — Chris Isaak
This is Pen’s theme, once Sin’s influence starts to take hold. She is the kind of a girl who looks better naked…

“Baby Love” — Joan Osborne
Put aside the cougar/cub thing and you’ll see how well it sums up Dice’s feelings for her boy. And on a very, very good day, Dice’s voice is kinda Joan Osborne-y.

“My Ritual” — Folk Implosion
What a groove. So seductive. And the lyrics spell out Sin’s own ritual essence.

“Mannish Boy” — Muddy Waters
Sin’s song. Clearly.

“Glad Girls” — Guided By Voices
When Sin first hits the Swonowa quad, this track fills the air. Really, he only wants to get you high…

“Peacock Suit” — Paul Weller
Such a strut! See our antihero, dressed to kill, leading his ladies into the Cutlass for the homecoming bacchanal.

“Chain of Fools” — Aretha Franklin
This is all Dice can hear when she finally comprehends the depth and depravity of Sin’s mission.

“N.W.O.” — Ministry
Kurt Libo’s song. He’s a mechanic, so maybe you think “Jesus Built My Hotrod” more apropos. But this reflects Kurt’s dream of Sin’s “new world order.” That sample from George Bush (the father) says it all.

“Red Right Hand” — Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
My flat-out favorite desperation/surrender/exhilaration song. “Microscopic cog…catastrophic plan…” gives me the shivers!!! If ever I wrote something nearly as good, I’d have to retire—my work would be done.

“We’ll Burn Together” — Robbie Fulks
It doesn’t suffice to say, “I love country music,” since what I mean by country may not be what you mean. But this adulterous little ditty seems appropriate for the Wolverine Tavern crowd.

“Storms” — Fleetwood Mac
Dice’s song, just before she gets up and pokes the fire. Hokey as hell, but so be it.

“On a Rope” — Rocket From The Crypt
Perfect for the closing credits...


Blogger barbrafl said...

This is fun, but I'm afraid mine will get laughs because some of the songs are pretty much "Wow, is she really serious?" but I promise you, I am.

I'm not finished yet, but will email it when I am.


July 20, 2009 at 6:18 PM  
Blogger barbrafl said...

Dead Disco - Metric
Without Lyrics
The beat of this song, the music in the background of the lyrics, plays in the background of the trailer for SWOON, as well as on the main menu of the DVD, proving the intrigue and mystery surrounding the town through the story, as well as the complete infatuation with Sin.

Godspeed - Anberlin
Opening song, creating the anger and complete loathing of the people of Swoon through Sin’s eyes, and the absolute crazing to be back within a human body. Sort of a theme to Sin’s personality (“They lied when the said the good die young”).

The Fear - Lily Allen
Pen’s song, after her transformation and complete flip once Sinclair takes over her body, leading her into doing things that she wouldn’t have done before. The strength, lust, power, and vixen-like qualities that overcome her. This song will play in the background of the party Pen and Dice go to at the beginning.

Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship ft Leighton Meester
Quite obviously Sin’s song, as he winds the town of Swoon around his finger and enjoys every moment of it, the girls, the revenge, the thrill, what is there not to love?

Nara - E.S. Posthumus
Theme to Sinclair’s past, the tumble of emotions he feels towards what happened, and the overall pressure to change what already happened. This song would play in the background as Sinclair tells and shows Dice what happened to him and his life in the past. The clips from the past would be in sepia, fading to the present as Dice and Sin have their moments, back to regular color, though the music stays through both, showing how his past hasn’t completely faded away. Towards the end of this moment, the song slows as the faces of Sin and Hannah fade into the faces of Sin and Dice.

August 3, 2009 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger barbrafl said...


My Skin - Natalie Merchant
I imagined that as Sin gained his human form, human emotions would hit him first, before the lust for revenge, just that brief moment to have the audience mourn for him. Cue the flashback sequence as Sin is released into human form after the ritual, flashes to Hannah’s body, his job as a blacksmith, him being led away to be hung, all the while, the tree remains in the background, a constant reminder of his years trapped.

Readyfuels - Anberlin
Sin’s entire mission, to carry out the revenge that he’s been waiting for for years, and how he controls Dice through everything, though recognizes his attraction to her. He has never been able to forget what was done to him years ago.

Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf
The chorus to this song (“when I arrive”) begins to play the second that Sin makes an appearance at Swonowa, heads turn and everything seems to play in slower motion, cue the casual hair flip and jacket collar adjustment as he parades his strut across campus.

Any Way You Choose to Give It - The Black Ghosts
The obsession the girls of Swonowa have towards Sin as he appears in their school. This track rolls after he makes his first appearance, included with the images of the girl’s faces once he has gone past, the whispered words between them, the blushing smiles, foreshadowing the power and hold he has over the entire town.

Glass to the Arson - Anberlin
Dice as she realizes everything about Sin’s mission, and how he’ll stop at nothing to get his revenge. She can’t see how she was so easily caught up in him to ignore the serious damage he can do to their town.

August 3, 2009 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger barbrafl said...


Not Your Concern - The Hush Sound
Sin’s song, in almost a sarcastic manner, as he teases Dice while she tries to prevent the inevitable points in his plot of revenge, the banter that goes between them though both know they are entranced. Song plays lightly in the background after Dice has foiled Sin’s original plot, and he informs her that he won’t let that one stop him.
NOTE: The link below is for a live version of the song. If you can find the real version, it's loads better, though this was the only one on youtube.

Letters from the Sky - Civil Twilight
When Sin and Dice travel back to the past, Sin’s desperation to change what happened, to make the dead alive again, and his love towards Hannah. This song would swell to it’s climax (1:05) as Dice realizes what Sin has come here to do, and races after him before he can do something horrible.

The Golden Floor - Snow Patrol
Dice’s final night with Sin, her emotions towards him and how she feels the draw, though knows they cannot truly be together, while at the same time needing his love. The chorus (“I’m not afraid of anything, even time”) plays as Dice stands up to poke the fire, a small smile upon her lips, accepting what has happened, as she had known it the whole time.

Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park
Song for the credit. As Dice’s form in front of the fire fades away to black, this song starts. Dice doesn’t mourn over the disappearance of Sin, but sees this is another opening, as the song goes, even though it may be harder than she thought.


August 3, 2009 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

this is so great!

August 4, 2009 at 7:26 AM  

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